In exness case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been around the past couple weeks. I wish I could say this was because of something exciting — like a vacation or unexpected road trip. Those make great stories, after all. I can’t even say it was because of more internet woes. Nope, wasn’t that — and you know things are bad when I wish my absence could be explained by technological mishaps.

Alas, it was something worse.

I came down with a summer cold.

I don’t know about you, but summer colds are terrible. Not that any colds are great, but summer colds seem to be so much worse than their winter counterparts. You can’t breathe. You feel how to open an investment with exness social trading gross. Your throat is sore. None of it is good. All of it is bad.

I seem to have gotten over most of it, but the cough is persistently lingering. This happens whenever I get a respiratory bug. Not great but still better than where I was a week ago. I’ll take it.

So what do you do when you’re sick and tired because you’re having trouble sleeping through the night due to your inability to breathe? You read. And what do you read? Comfort reads!

Comfort reads are great when you're sick!

Everyone has them. Books you read when you’re feeling down or sad or, in my case, sick. For me, Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels books are my perfect comfort reads. They’re very id-tastic, with larger than life characters and over the top plots. I especially like the later books in the series, after the world has been saved, for this purpose. The novels about Cassidy are lowkey compared to the ones about Jaenelle, and that’s soothing when you feel like crap. Perfect reading for when you’re curled up in bed, sipping tea and asking, Why me?

What about forex broker exness you? What are your favorite comfort reads?

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